I’ve tweeted about this several times before, but I just had to do a full post about this amazing project by the National Library of Scotland which lets you overlay modern maps onto incredibly detailed maps of London from 1893-1895.


The 500+ OS maps have been scanned in high-resolution to make the most of the 1:1056 or 60 inches to the mile detail. They have been knitted together to form an easily navigated map which you can overlay with modern versions from Bing and elsewhere to see how your favourite areas compare.

Some places, like Bloomsbury, have remained pleasingly similar over time (with the exception of the big old glass roof on the British Museum!)

Other places look very different. Here’s the site Olympic Park in Stratford:


I can’t even begin to count the number of hours I must have spent researching (and just downright procrastinating) on this amazing resource since it went live a few years ago.