If you’re looking for a giggle, I cannot recommend my hilarious pal @bizarrevictoria ‘s series on bad book covers highly enough. Here’s her take on ‘Bad Ivanhoe’, guest starring Yours Truly:


I recently had the serious misfortune of needing to reread Ivanhoe for work. My good friend, who is known on the internet as VictorianMasculinity (follow her on Twitter: @VictorianMasc or read her blog here), had to listen to me moan about it for ages, so she cheered me up by sending me pictures of the campiest, most ridiculous Ivanhoe covers she could find. What follows is our first collaborative(ish) post!

Recap of the Novel

Uggh, do I have to? Okay, let’s make this shit quick.

This is set after the Norman invasion of England where most of the Saxon aristocrats have been disenfranchised by their new Norman overlords and everyone is generally shitty to each other. There’s Robin Hood and Prince John and all the usual assholes from that mythos, and King Richard is captured on his way back from a failed crusade, and even though everyone hates each…

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