After the amazing response to “Victorians and their Cats”
it seemed only fair that the dogs get a look-in too. So here’s my favourite collection of Victorian canines:


Barber Steps
Charles Burton Barber

Elizabeth Bennett decided that, actually, she’d rather found her own internet startup than get married. Mr Darcy is running at full tilt across the lawn and she’s giving him a ten second head start before setting the dogs on him.


Philip Reinagle, ‘Portrait of an Extraordinary Musical Dog’, 1805

“Hello… it’s me… I was wondering if after all these years YOU’VE NOTICED I’M A FUCKING SPANIEL!?!”


Barber Cujo
Charles Burton Barber

“I don’t know how you can stand it, Susan. Cujo is on the next page, I just know it.”


4. 585_Victorian-era-portrait-dogs-children-ducks-2

“Oh Albert, isn’t it so much fun when the peasants come begging for food?”

“My dear, I zink zees are dogs.”

 “Oh SHUT UP, Albert. And go put some pants on.”


(c) The New Art Gallery Walsall; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Charles Burton Barber

In early drafts of Dickens’s Christmas Carol, Scrooge awakens to find a zombie plague has wiped out most of the City of London. Here we find Tiny Tim preparing to go over the wall in search of food and supplies.


John Hayes, ‘A Friend from the Deep’

“Mom, are we adopted?”

“Of course not, honey. Now hush up and go clean your shell.”



Only seconds after this painting was completed, on a summer’s day in the garden of Charles Darwin, the frog ate the fly, the cat ate the frog, the dog ate the cat and little Emily was found by the kitchen door, nomming on the remains of Fido, leaving only a sad watering can as witness to the brutality of natural selection.


Charles Burton Barber

“Rajah failed the initiation test. Now let’s see what you can do Mr. Waffles. May the odds be ever in your favour.”


Charles Burton Barber (1)
Charles Burton Barber

“No, no, no Kimmy, your contouring is shit. What have I told you about those highlights!?”


Barber Werther
Charles Burton Barber

“Oh no, Edith, do we have to read ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ again? *sigh*”


Barber Leg day
Charles Burton Barber

“Come on, fat-ass. It’s leg day!”