@BizarreVictoria and I watched the dreadful Gerard Butler vampire flick ‘Dracula 2000’. There was booze, and swearing and here is our (spoiler-filled) commentary for your Friday amusement:


As many of you have probably picked up from my Ivanhoe Bad Book Covers post, or seeing me dick around on Twitter, I collaborate a lot with my good friend @VictorianMasculinity (not her real name, but how baller would that be?)

We also have a penchant for watching terrible Victorian-themed films and taking the ever-loving piss out of them, much in the vein of Mystery Science Theater 3000. We realized about a year into our regular movie sessions that these would make amazing blog posts (or self-indulgent, unfunny crap, but hey, let’s give it a go).

Last Friday we had the profound misfortune of watching Dracula 2000 which had SO MANY GOOD ACTORS IN IT that I’m not sure how they fucked it up.

Oh, wait, yes I do: the plot, the script, the directing, the special effects, all the rest of the bargain basement cast, and…

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