@BizarreVictoria and I watched another 19thC adaptation. This week’s offering of over-saturated colours and machismo comes courtesy of ‘Vanity Fair’ (2004). There was hilarity and swearing (and spoilers). Enjoy!


It’s time for another installment of Victorian Snark Theatre 3000! And this time we’ll be discussing Vanity Fair (2004). As you guys know, I watch a lot of shitty Victorian-inspired films with my good friend @VictorianMasculinity (whose blog can be found here) and we decided to turn them into blog posts.

Previous posts on VST3K include:

Dracula 2000

Let it be known that I absolutely adore Vanity Fair. It hit me at exactly the right time during my teens and I wanted to be Becky Sharp for the next three years. So this is more of a good-natured roasting rather than the wild-eyed, horrified laughter that Dracula 2000 prompted.

Let’s get started!


Meet Becky Sharp, the daughter of a talented artist, Francis Sharp, and his French opera singer wife:


You can tell she’s our heroine because she makes…

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