Welcome to Victorian Masculinity

The nineteenth century was the age of the gentleman, the industrialist, the dandy, the man of letters, the imperialist. Victorian fiction too is filled with detectives, butlers, cads, clerks, actors, aristocrats, madmen and murderers. As an academic working in the field of masculinity studies, I’ll be posting about some of the fun things I find in the course of my research about Victorian constructions of manliness, as well as modern-day interpretations of the Victorian man in literature and film.

My aim is to make this blog as light-hearted as possible, although I’ll try to provide full references for any texts as I go along, and watch out for blue text where I’ll include notes on any interesting books, blogs, publications, archives, or exhibitions relating to the theme of the post. Feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and recommendations.

I will also circulate Calls for Papers, forthcoming talks and events, and new books relating to masculinity studies and gender studies more broadly.

If you have a CFP or event you would like me to publicize, or if you would like to be considered as a guest blogger on a topic related to Victorian masculinites, then drop me a line at victorianmasculinity@gmail.com, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @VictorianMasc.